Used Hotel Furniture For Sale: What To Ask

Published: 17th June 2008
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So now you've found some used hotel furniture for sale that you think you want to buy, but you want to make sure that you're getting good merchandise. What should you ask? Let's go over some important things to consider so that you can feel as comfortable with your purchase as you will lounging on your new furniture.

Always be sure to find out the quality of the merchandise and when it was originally purchased. Ask about any dents and scratches, stains, and if the item is made of wood then ask if there were ever any pest problems. Used hotel furniture liquidators need to keep their reputations clean, so if you ask they will tell you, but if you don't ask they might accidentally overlook something. Since these liquidators rarely have a return policy and merchandise is sold as-is, you may regret it if you don't ask everything.

Look for items other than furniture too. The best deals can often be found on the more portable items to encourage spontaneous purchases. Items like alarm clocks, microwaves, coffee makers, linens, silverware, and bathroom accessories can often be bought for an incredibly good price. I'm talking flea-market low for products that are almost as good as new. Depending on the extent of their remodeling, you may also discover more unusual items like lighting and bathroom fixtures that you might be able to commandeer to do a little remodeling yourself. Remember that even if the items are older, they have been used in a hotel that cleans and repairs them daily so they're probably going to be in better shape than they would be after the same amount of use in a home.

If you keep an eye on what's happening with the local hotels you might hear about one bragging about its upcoming remodeling. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to contact the hotel directly and ask about looking at the used hotel furniture before they send it to the liquidators. You might be able to purchase items directly from them for even less money than you would otherwise. If not they will at least let you know which liquidators they plan to use so that you can purchase the goods you've just inspected before anyone else has had a chance to get their hands on it.

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